Frequently Asked Questions

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We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to what you can expect from our program and what we expect from you as an intern, if you have a question that is not addressed in our list please feel free to email us :)

How many internships do you have per year?

We have 3 Internships per year commencing in February, June and October. Each Internship begins with a two week training period then lasts for 4 months.

What qualifications will I have at the end of the internship if I successfully complete the program?

You will have all your diving certifications; Open Water, Advanced Adventurer (AOW), Stress & Rescue Diver, Science of Diving, Snorkel Instructor and Divemaster as well as nationally accredited training certificates for Advanced First Aid, CPR, Oxygen Provider and Inspect & Fill Scuba Cylinders.

How many dives will I have logged at the end?

You will need a minimum of 60 dives to be certified as a Divemaster but you could log as many as 100 dives, the average is between 60-80. Dives are a mix of boat dives and local shore dives.

Can I complete the internship part time, or start on a different date?

No, due to our training system the internship can only be completed with the set schedule. 

What if I am Advanced or Rescue qualified already?

You will still start and end the program with the rest of your team, you will gain just as many dives and the same experience as everyone else. It still takes time to get you capable in the roles you will perform as an intern. Part of becoming an experienced and capable Divemaster is hands on real life experience regardless of which level diver you start at.


I have never dived before, can I still apply?

It is possible to apply for the program without having any diving certifications, please be aware that you would have to tick all the rest of the required boxes to be considered. If everyone else that applies is already certified their applications will be considered first. If you are not yet certified to dive please let us know on application if you have any relevant experience ie Introductory Dives, Snorkeling, Lifeguard experience, etc. If you are accepted onto the program without certification you will need to arrive at least 3 days prior to complete the Open Water course prior to starting the internship.


Which type of visa do I need?

As long as the visa you hold has working rights you can participate in the Internship. The government has recently updated the conditions for student and covid visa holders so you can now apply for the program!

Can I get a job outside of the Internship?

You are welcome to get an evening job at a business outside of the dive centre starting from 6pm but we will give preference to candidates that are able to financially support themselves. We are unable to accept candidates that have regular day work. 


What time do we work and how many days per week?

Working hours vary daily depending on the boat schedule but we generally operate between 7am and 6pm. You will be rostered on to work 5 full days per week and we are open every day except for Mondays. On "good weather" days we may have long and busy days however if conditions aren't suitable all day you will also finish earlier some days, it usually balances out over the program. We do all of our dive training together as a group which means you will sometimes have to attend classes/dive sessions on your RDO's. 

What would a typical day involve?

No two days will be the same, however once you are signed off, the interns are in charge of running the whole dive centre (under supervision of course).  We will set up and pack down the dive vessels, get customer equipment out and help them to get the right equipment, assist in customer transportation, launch and retrieve vessels from the Pass beach, fill cylinders, maintain the cleanliness of the dive centre including bathrooms, load and unload dive/snorkel/whale watching tours/equipment, guide snorkel tours, deck hand on whale watching tours (seasonal), lead certified divers on tours and a lot more!

How does the training system work?

Our first priority is the day to day tasks of running the dive centre and managing the scheduled tours. We organise our training sessions around what else is booked, this usually means we break down the courses into smaller parts and organise a few training sessions per week on top of your daily workload. Aside from the scheduled components you will get your dive numbers up by filling the spare spots on boats, training dives, organising shore dives in between boats and eventually dive guiding customers. 

How much does the Internship cost and what other expenses are involved?

The Internship is voluntary, in exchange for your work you will earn your Divemaster certification; outside of this you will need to purchase a basic set of gear $550, pay the Internship bond $350, cover your own accommodation $110 per week on-site and have sufficient funds to support yourself for a 4 month period.


I already have some gear, do I have to purchase the uniform package?

Not necessarily, however we have a strict uniform policy in-water and out on some gear; your mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit MUST be the same brand that we sell in-store; if your gear is the same as the brands we sell in store you are more than welcome to use it. Our brands are Mares, Aqua Lung, Techni-Sub, and Apollo. The uniform policy does not apply to hardware (BC, Regulators, etc) or compasses and torches. If you wish to purchase any equipment from us we offer all our interns a great discount. We have a large storage shed where you can keep all your equipment throughout the program.


I already have some dive certifications, can I complete the internship in less time?

No, due to our training system the internship can only be completed with the set schedule, usually our interns that start with higher certifications leave with additional logged dives. If you are already a comfortable rescue diver you can work toward being signed off for dive guiding as the other students are still participating in their courses.

What is the difference between this internship and a paid Divemaster course?

At the end of this program you will have actual hands on experience assisting on scuba courses and dive guiding customers as well as necessary dive industry skills and qualifications that will assist you in gaining employment in the industry or preparing you for your future as a dive instructor. The internship is hard work but overall we believe your experience will be well worth the effort. 

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the internship.

Which dive medical do I need?

You will need a recreational Dive Medical, you can download a form at or email and ask us to send you one. There are 4 medical practices in the area who are able to do the dive medical for you; Bay Centre Medical (Byron Bay), Brunswick Heads Medical Centre (Brunswick Heads), The Lismore Clinic (Lismore) and Tweed City Family Practice (Tweed Heads) however if your local physician/GP is comfortable completing the Recreational Dive medical at home then this is also very acceptable. You will need this medical before you are able to start. As the internship gives you professional level qualifications all interns will need a dive medical regardless of if you have any medical conditions.

Is there a possibility to get a job at the dive centre after the internship?

We do hire all of our crew from the internships and similar programs, if at the end of the internship you are the right fit for our team and there is a position available. There are a few options available to stay on past the internship to gain experience.


How many interns is there per group?

We take up to 11 interns per program depending on our needs each program, we often keep on prior interns to supervise the next team as well as build up valuable experience and dives usually working toward the instructor level.

I am unable to participate in the program due to visa/dates/etc, what other programs do you have?

We have an affiliated partner program called the Australian Divemaster Academy, you can find them at This program can be completed on a tourist visa or higher.


What facilities does the on-site accommodation have?

Our accommodation is basic dorm style, with a maximum of 4 people per room. It is located directly above the dive centre in the middle of town. It has a communal kitchen, coin laundry, bathrooms, lounge areas, dining facilities, pool table and WiFi throughout. Crew can use the swimming pool outside of working hours when students are not using it. Individual rooms are shared with other interns or crew members. Bed linen is provided, if you have been staying in a hostel prior to moving in please note that outside linens will not be accepted.


Unfortunately there is no on-site parking, if you are arriving with your car you have two options; 1- there is free parking at the end of Marvel Street near the tennis courts or 2- you can purchase a parking permit from Byron Bay council which will allow you to park in any paid parking area however you cannot exceed the parking hour limits.

If accepted into the program, when can I move into the accommodation?

The training period is a crossover with the outgoing interns so they will still be occupying the accommodation. You will need to find your own accommodation for the first 2 weeks. We can suggest some local hostels or there are some Facebook groups offering sub-let rooms if you prefer.

Can my partner stay in the accommodation as well?

Unfortunately the upstairs accommodation is for crew only, no outside guests are permitted on the premises at any time.

What is the Bond for?

The bond covers any dive centre property allocated to you as well as books, courses and training materials given out. If you do not complete the internship your bond will be used to cover materials given to you as part of the program.


Can I have time off during the Internship for a wedding/festival/other?

If you have other external commitments during a program we would suggest you apply for the internship at a different time, we need you 100% committed to the program. If events fit into your days off then it is manageable however if training gets scheduled then you must attend.

Can I just stay in the accommodation until I find a house?

The accommodation is only offered on a 4 month "lease" and we have allocated spots for both on-site and off-site interns so depending on your needs you will be sorted into 2 categories on application; the majority of candidates live on-site however we have up to 4 additional places for candidates with their own local accommodation. We expect that you have stable accommodation throughout the internship if you are living off-site.


I have applied, what happens next?

We only review applications for the next internship, we review these approximately 2-3 months before the start date. To be considered please make sure you email your documents in PDF format. We contact (usually via email) those candidates we wish to interview. Interviews will be arranged in person, over the phone (domestic applications) and WhatsApp phone call (international applications). Please save our email address in your contacts as some email filters may send our correspondence to the junk folder (common in hotmail/outlook accounts).

If accepted into the program, what do I need to bring?

We will need a copy of your drivers licence, dive medical, dive certifications, insurance and visa information.

You will be in the water a lot during your internship, bring plenty of swimmers and neat board/beach shorts and a towel or two (towel hoodies are a great idea). We also do all of our dive theory online so it would be handy to have a device or tablet, however the theory is also very mobile friendly so a phone is also enough.